I am Roniece Dawson-Bruce. I am a friendly, outgoing, reliable and trustworthy person who loves animals and has experience with pet sitting in Paris. I would love to care for your fur babies in the safety of your home. Hopefully, my clients’ testimonials will put you at ease with my services. You can also find out more on the PSP Facebook page where I post all my pet diaries and photos. I look forward to being of service to you.



I would be delighted to care for your fur babies in the safety of your home while you travel on business or leisure.


I love cats and snuggle time with them is one of my favourite things to do! I would be happy to brush them daily if needed. Cleaning their kitty litter is not a problem and would be done on a daily basis. I would be happy to administer any medications if required.


I love dogs and during my married life in Sydney we had a golden retriever and two dachshunds which we all adored and loved! Long walks, short walks, snuggle time, treats if they are allowed and brushing would all be the order of the day for your babies.


Papou: (20 year old cat) 18eme, Paris

"I would happily recommend Roniece to anyone looking for a pet or house sitter. She is very responsible and trustworthy plus she was excellent with my Papou!  Thank you Roniece!"

Gail Bosclair, Perfectly Paris

Mike & Josie: (Dogs) Paris

"Roniece is an amazing person. We met her through mutual friends and we jumped at the chance for her to take care of our two bichon frisees, Mike and Josie. They loved her! Sleeping with her in our bed, many walks and lots of snuggles. Our feelings were confirmed when little Josie, who is not the friendliest of dogs, RAN to her when we met later. I truly had never seen anything like it!

In sum, Roniece's love of animals is apparent.  I cannot recommend her enough."

Kathleen Schobel

Nala: (16 year old dog) Garches, France

"Roniece spent a week with our dog, Nala in the suburbs of Paris in Garches. We loved her and know Nala was well taken care of! Nala was read to, given walks when the weather permitted, received her complicated food and medication regimen with no problems, coddled and loved! Roniece took excellent care of the house as well. Thoroughly enjoyed reading "Nala's" diary of her daily events. Highly recommended!"

Wendy Ballard McLean

Diesel: (19 year old cat) 9eme, Paris, France

"We were delighted to have Roniece stay in our apartment and look after our elderly, particular cat while we were away from Paris. Roniece is 100 percent trustworthy and responsible, with a genuine affinity for animals. On our return our cat was calm and content, and had clearly been very well-cared for. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Roniece – and we’ll be calling on her again, without doubt."

Rowena and Susan

Letty & Jeff: (Cats) Paris, France

Letty & Jeff our two Tonkinese cats are used to petsitters so we were not overly concerned when we introduced them to Roniece. Being a fellow Kiwi we knew that she would have a calm and relaxed attitude and that Letty and Jeff would take to her well.  It seems that they were very impressed with our choice of sitter as they were very unimpressed when we returned home after a long weekend away.  Roniece clearly lavished attention on them and happily danced to their tune.
I would not hesitate to recommend Roniece and I know that the cats are looking forward to the next time we want to spend a couple of days away.

Jane Niven

Pamplemousse: (Cat) Paris, France

I would happily recommend Roniece to care for anyone's pets! I have a four-year-old cat who is sweet and loving to family members -- and is unpleasant and hissy with everyone else! Three cheers for Roniece, who calmly and patiently accepted my cat's less-than-gracious welcome, and still provided loving, attentive care during the week we were away (as well as much-appreciated daily updates and reassurance for us!). If Roniece can take my cat's difficult behavior with such great good humor and kindness, I have no doubt she can handle anything! Thanks, Roniece!

Carleen Pieper

Fred:  (16 year old cat) Neuilly-sur-Seine

"Roniece has stayed at our apartment with our cat Fred countless times (4 times in 2015 at least), and it is a joy to have her here. She is always so cheerful and full of good humour. She snuggles with Fred, gives him his medicine, always attentive, sends us daily updates and pictures. Fred probably gets more attention from Roniece than he does with us! In addition - the big plus - Roniece leaves a clean house!!  Roniece is invaluable to us, and to our dear sweet Fred. Thank you Roniece!"

Ann Gittins Krull

Sadie & Muzzy (dog & cat) 7eme, Paris

"Roniece came to stay with our beloved Sadie and Muzzy for the first time over the long holiday break. After an initial meeting with her we knew she would be a perfect fit for our dog and cat. She was instantly comfortable and very loving with them. Not only did she love and take care of our pets as if they were her own, but she kept us up-to-date while we were away with a daily diary of their activities.  Although it was hard for us to be away, we knew they were in her very capable and caring hands, which allowed us to relax and enjoy our holidays away.  We came home to very happy and healthy pets and our home was neat as a pin.  Thank you Roniece for doing such an amazing job for us.  Sadie and Muzzy are looking forward to having you care for them again soon!"

Mark and Mary

Lupa: (Puppy) 18eme, Paris

My six-month-old min pincher Lupa is too young to be left for long periods of time – but I sometimes need to go to clients’ offices for the day… I didn’t want turn down work, but I couldn’t leave my pup all alone either. So I was in a bit of a quandary as to what to do… And then I met Roniece – lovely, charming, warm-hearted Roniece– who I was thrilled to find out was a professional pet sitter. I can now leave Lupa in safe hands while I go to clients—I know she is over the moon to spend time with her Aunty RoRo, so I can focus on stressing about work, and not about my darling dog.

Lupa absolutely loves her – and she is fussy about who she trusts (and so I am, to be honest) – and looks forward to seeing Roniece when she comes to petsit. She even cries when Roniece leaves!

I cannot recommend Roniece highly enough (although, in some ways, I am somewhat reluctant to do so as I want to keep her for myself)! But seriously, she is the best—and that’s validated by me, my other half and my puppy.

Kim Laidlaw

Lyra: (Cat) 12eme, Paris, France

Roniece looked after our 5 year old cat for three weeks while we were away on holiday. She was great about finding the best solution for us, and was flexible about checking in and out - she even came over early on check in day to avoid getting stuck in a street protest! Lyra absolutely adored her, and has developed a love (and expectation) for daily brushing thanks to Roniece's daily attentions. We really appreciated Roniece's regular updates via Lyra's diary and also several messages - we were never worried about leaving Lyra alone, and Roniece looked after her well during a heat wave, giving her an extra bowl of water. You will never need to worry about your pet in Roniece's capable and loving hands. We also appreciated coming home to a freshly made bed and clean and tidy apartment. Professional, friendly, and our cat's new best friend. Couldn't ask for more!

Georgia & Clément

Olive:  (Cat) Paris, France

"I requested Roniece's help taking care of my new cat Olive while I was in the states for a week, and my experience was stellar. I loved receiving daily updates and adorable diary entries from Olive! Everyone I shared them with kept saying I had a great pet sitter. Roniece clearly loves animals, and I so appreciate how much care she puts into her work. It puts an overly anxious cat mom like me at ease."

Alyssa Sorresso

2 Boykin Spaniels (Dogs) Paris, France

We were so relieved to have a recommendation for an English speaking Pet Sitter in Paris!
Roniece exceeded our expectations for responsible, loving care for our two very spoiled fluff ball Boykin Spaniels.
Typically, they are a bit aloof when we have left them. Not this time ... it is as if we had never gone away. They were snuggling and relaxed immediately on our return.
Thank you, Roniece!"

Carrie and Dave  



One dog: €45,00
Two or more dogs: €55,00

One cat: €35,00
Two or more cats: €40,00

Dog/cat combination: €45,00


Key Pickup from Client:  €10,00

Administering Medication: €5,00 per day

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